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Hi fans of film and filmmakers!

We've had a lot of activity on the site and a handful of new members, 31 videos loaded in the last 10 days with at least a dozen of them being featured


Some of you have seen us campaigning a project that will further grow this community and other film community's online, the project is building perfectly as all the right things seem to be falling in place. Most our cast and crew already on board, and this team loves the project so much their willing to work for nothing to get the show going, so check them out on the cast and crew page is the perfect place to share your youtube, vimeo and almost any other video service, of your short film, teaser/trailer, producers reel, actors reel, music video with hi production value. (now load a full feature PPV film to fansoffilm and make 100%)  This is just two things that makes us different from other video sharing sites, but we go one step further with being for filmmakers by filmmaker, and sharing our best content on Twitter. @FansOfFilm has been recognized as one of the top 20 movie profiles on Twitter with 14,000+ followers and almost 1500 filmmakers listed on Twitter.

Now we wanna go one step further by taking Fans Of Film to a video show that will be produced for TV and the web, but we need your help by submitting videos or showing your support with our campaign on indiegogo, where you can learn more about video submission from both filmmakers and fans


The Indie film community here in Albuquerque doesn't have much money but we have a lot of heart and desire to make movie's and share them, and also help others make and share movies, if you like to do the same then your a member of the right community and working together will reach more fans than not, so be a rising tide for all of us and get involved and support.


NOTE: We reworked the forum and added some cool category's such as a place to post crowd sourced film projects, the forum may be helpful and engaging for you.


regards and much love for everybody on the site sharing with us(-:

FOF/admin team

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