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Chilian born, now Danish based, genre director Shaky Gonzalez (Angel of the Night, The Grey Gold) these days just started shooting his latest feature film 'The Last Dragonslayer' which is going to be a mix of horror and adventure, very much inspired by many of the genre movies from the 80ies. A few very early still pictures has been released for your viewing pleassure.

The film is written by Shaky Gonzalez and Lars Detlefsen, while being produced by Mikkel Kristensen (Eastern Army) and debuting producer Gabrielle Uweis. On the acting side the film stars David Sakurai (Tour de Force, Through Darkness), Daniell Edwards (Pistoleros, Westbrick Murders), Hector Vega Mauricio (Angel of the Night, Pistoleros), Erik Holmey (Conan The Barbarian, Red Sonja), Kim Sønderholm (Little Big Boy, Sinister Visions) and Maja Muhlack (Bleed With Me, The Horror Vault) as the evil Succubus the entire movie evolves around.

The film is currently shooting outside Copenhagen, Denmark but will later this year be shooting various places in the US aswell, among others Death Valley.

This is going to be good and wholesame old school campy horror fun, people!!!

Films imdb page

credit Apotheosis PR for press release


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