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Short Synopsis:

After the government squashed the 1st amendment and started pushing us out of parks across the country, the movement starts gathering in local coffee shops. The government then passes regulations on coffee consumption and loitering. For it is coffee shops that news is communicated and where those interested in politics criticize the government in all freedom and without being fearful. Since the government does not heed what the people say, one brave coffee shop takes a stand and starts offering free coffee, on the day laws goes into effect that forever change the future. As a result Storm Troopers march in and start zapping customers, what happens next could very well be the end of all life.

What is a Java zombie outbreak look like?

Category: episodic TV, Webshow,

Genre: horror, action, sci-fi

From a cultural and historical standpoint, coffeehouses largely serve as centers of social interaction, and source of movements and even revolutions. (French Revolution)


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