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Fans Of Film is staging itself for the grass roots launch of a DVD and Pay-Per-View Video On-Command distribution site for indie film labels with the url To make this happen we need 100 quality independent films and a start up capital of $10,000.00 (Fund Project @IndieGoGo and @KickStarter) (submit your film for review) Filmmakers contracts are non exclusive with a 50/50 model and 100% to the filmmaker model lean more
Click Here to watch the first 5 minutes of "A New Tomorrow" in (Full Screen Mode) to judge the quality of your viewing experience for the PPV.

"A New Tomorrow"


A small town becomes a battlefield as dysfunctional Democrats challenge Christian Republicans in this fake documentary. The film skewers Bush and big oil, the war in Iraq and the general dysfunction of the U.S. political system through eccentric characters and over-the-top commentary.
Full Movie (1:18:00) (*Rated PG*)
Watch Twice Over 72 Hours for $2.99/PayPal

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Fans Of Film and filmmaker Carey Corr will donate 50% of their profits from PPV of "A New Tomorrow" to "Save The Children Haiti Relief. You can also support the efforts at the Save The Children website, Click On The Banner

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