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Options of Grind

From the Roasting Room at Fans Of Film Cafe, we introduce our Specialty V roasted Coffees.

Our HouseBlend is the perfect mix of a specialty medium roast organic Sumatra and a dark Robusta. Creating a dark robust nutty chocolate taste that's sure to make every coffee drinker happy.

Introducing "Rise Java Zombie" a full city roast of our organic Robusta (twice the caffeine of an Arabica) See our mini Youtube video production "Rise Of The Java Zombie"

What makes our coffee even more special is our unique electric air roaster, that produces a cleaner coffee than a traditional gas drum roaster. Learn more about air roasting below.

Taste the difference of air roasted coffee, and forever change your palate.

Free shipping and no tax.

Hand shipped fresh to you

Thank you for supporting our family run business, and helping us support independent film at Fans Of Film

Roasting our way to our next film production

at Fans Of Film Cinema Cafe & Roaster.

Words from our master roaster

A key part of our coffee is the fluid bed roasting method and my love for coffee.. Originally developed by Michael Sivetz, the fluid bed roasting process, also known as hot air roasting, uses forced hot air to move and roast coffee beans. The perfectly controlled hot air flows and circulates through the beans, roasting each bean evenly. The hot air reaches temperatures of between 450 and 485 degrees.

During the roasting process the green coffee beans go through two major “pops”, like popcorn or “cracks” The first occurs when the internal temperature of the bean reaches about 356 degrees. By this point the skin or chaff has been expelled from the bean as it expands to double its original size. In the fluid bed roasting process, this chaff is blown out of the roaster into a separate chamber and not burned up with the coffee. Because coffee is so absorbent, if this chaff were burnt within the roasting chamber, the beans would soak up this unwanted flavor and present itself in your brewed coffee. The hot air also blows out any other impurities from the batch, so the only thing that is roasted and tasted is the coffee itself. This process of eliminating chaff and impurities is a unique and important aspect of the fluid bed roasting method that is unique to every batch of coffee.

Another advantage stems from the greater efficiency in heat transference that is only possible with hot air roasters. The beginning stages of coffee roasting are focused on driving moisture from the bean; this moisture content can be as much as 10-12% by weight. The bean can not actually be roasted until the moisture is removed, so this step is critical. When the coffee bean still contains this moisture, prolonged exposure to high heat results in “cooking” rather than “roasting” of the bean. The longer it cooks, the greater the formation of acids such as acidic and alkali. Since the fluid bed roaster can reach higher temperatures in half the time of typical drum roasters, the time for these acidic compounds to form is greatly reduced. Many have found that these acidic compounds can cause stomach irritation, and we have many customers that had given up on coffee, but can now drink ours comfortably.

Google Reviews

Cris Abbott-The most delicious latte in ABQ. Their hot air roasting process yields coffee that is smooth and mellow without the scorched taste, and brewed up beautifully at home, too. Friendly and knowledgeable folks. And it even has a drive up!!! I live in the Northwest, and the lack of coffee kiosks in ABQ is a hardship. Did I mention they have a drive up window?

Victor Munoz-One of the best cups of coffee I've had in ABQ in a very long time.

Yelp Reviews

Judy A-If you love great coffee, you owe it to yourself to check out this wonderful place. The unique roasting process used yields a superior coffee. Its the coffee all of us coffee fans dream about! I had the juevos ranchereros, tasty and fresh, excellent salsas, both red and green. Yum.

Danielle D.-Holy iced chai! I can't believe I haven't stopped in this place before now. It's conveniently located on Yale just a little ways south of UNM. The interior is a little dark, reminiscent of your cousin's basement, but I suppose that's to increase your film viewing pleasure. The small assortment of baked goods looked fresh and tasty. The menu is very limited, offering sandwiches and burritos made in a tiny kitchen. The stars of the show at Fans of Film are the beverages. The owner helped me create a lightened-up iced chai that was among the best I've ever had. I appreciated that it was good for me and not lacking in flavor one bit. I definitely see myself stopping in here for more chai (in fact, it'll be hard not to come every day!). I think this place is not well-known and a little hidden, but it's definitely worth trying out. I have the sense that this place would be more popular if they could expand their kitchen and food selection to offer a full menu - then this cafe would be a powerful contender on the Nob Hill coffee shop scene.

Cris A.-The best coffee in ABQ. Wish I had known about it before. Their coffee roasting process yields a sublime product. I'm going too pick up a couple pounds to take home to Eugene, where we have many fine roasters. Haven't tried the food yet, but hope to before I leave town. Did I mention the drive up window? Yes!! Jason V.-The best coffee I've ever had, once I tried this roaster I've never bought another drink anywhere else. The coffee is really high caffeine, the lattes are amazing and a truly perfect cappuccino. The pastries, try the bunt cake, it's amazing! Sweet and savory scones, and a full kitchen. The huevos rancheros are phenomenal, great burritos, so much flavor in the chile, 100% vegetarian friendly/safe, meat and nonmeat eaters are respected alike. Has a safe feel for a PTSD veteran, front, back, and side exits. There's a very friendly staff, and an awesome book room. Check it out, get your beans roasted right there on the spot while you relax.

Facebook Reviews

Jon Hendry -Why any film/union/new mexican who gives a crap about our local economy
Would buy there coffee beans anywhere else is beyond me. Spend local spend film. Oh and grab lunch while your there

Adda Garcia McDonald-First time this morning loved the burrito and mayan chocolate latte! Will return for some tea lattes!

Juan E. Robles-Friendly staff. The place is quite quaint. I love the books for sale in the adjoining room. Good coffee, and a great meeting place for the Friday Filmmakers coffee. If I lived in Albuquerque, I'd go there more often.


Our coffee was featured at the 2015

Southwest Chocolate & Coffee Festival

V Roast


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Comment by Tom Dent on March 15, 2014 at 5:14pm

Now that I have a pound of Fans of Film Dark Mexican in the house, I'm getting much more done. ;)




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