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"Fans Of Film, LLC/ license #FA0092272" (Green Distributor) is now only accepting the best independently distributed films on the web for our future streaming VOD film library (GEO blocking available on the Dynamo player). 80% of the net or 50% of gross to the producer for non exclusive FOF managed films. Email me for details at You can also check out current contract distributioncontract.rtf (disclaimer: we reserve the right to refuse submitted content) NOW! offering 95% of the net to filmmaker using the or player that signs up under Fans Of Film, LLC MAXCAST and DYNAMO

One of the really cool things about this service, is the direct paypal access, meaning your fans don't have to sign up to another membership site to rent your film...

Start your 30 days free with Maxcast copy this #US1010036 and click

Contact me direct if your interested in being a distributor for Maxcast and 1st level support for Maxcast 505-934-7592 Michael. Start your 30 days free with Maxcast copy this #US1010036 and click


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