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Once Movie Review and Trailer

Once (2006) is about a guy and a girl; literally, those are the character names. Guy is played by Glen Hansard (The Frames) and Girl is acted by Markéta Irglová (The Swell Season). It could be categorized as a musical because much of the story is told through their music; although it is not like a traditional musical. I would call it a movie with a lot of amazing and emotional music. Glen and Markéta are accomplished musicians in real life and complete once in a lifetime explosive performances… Continue

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Half Nelson Film Review

Ryan Gosling (The Notebook) stars in Half Nelson (2006) along with Shareeka Epps. Dan Dunne (Gosling) is a exceptional teacher; one of those you would remember all your life because of how they taught and inspired you. In his 20's and teaching 14 year olds in junior high school certainly has its challenges as he moves forward with his lessons on... You can read the full review and see the trailer… Continue

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A message to all members of Fans Of Film

A message to all members of Fans Of Film

FOF keeps growing and I find myself working harder everyday, aggregating what I believe is the perfect alternative to 4 wall distribution. Even though this model still takes a lot of work on the part of the filmmaker in building a fan base, but FOF/myself is one of the few and one of the first to step up and provide a know cost social co-op distribution platform, with one of the coolest custom film list/profiles. FOF is putting filmmakers… Continue

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Another growing report from FOF.

I'm pleased to announce that we've reached a quality film following on twitter of over two thousand, this means the value of "Fans Of Film" has become a true resource for those that have a film, and need views or reviews has become a strong reality. The membership and support both locally and nationally has been amazing, thank you.

(My resource for this info is the filmmakers bible the Independent feature film production A complete guide From Concept Through Distribution the fully… Continue

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Santa Fe New Mexican article about film incentives

Robert Nott |

4/2/2009 - 4/3/09

The Hollywood 50

Like 'em or not, film incentives aren't about to disappear, with so many states trying to woo filmmakers' dollars. More than 40 either have a program in place or are working through state legislators to create one. The top players, with tax rebate or credit offers of at least 25 percent, include New Mexico, Louisiana, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, and Michigan (which offers a whopping 40 percent rebate). California… Continue

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Coming soon to Fans Of Film


March 26, 2009

For Immediate Release

CONTACT: Tito Chavez, Tiguex Productions, 505-974-8704;

OR: Sharon Kayne, Communications Director, New Mexico Voices for Children

505-244-9505 (p), 505-401-8709 (c);

Local Chicano TV Series to Launch with Fundraiser

Series to feature local talent, benefit community

ALBUQUERQUE—Local producer Tito Chavez announced a Kick-Off… Continue

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Funding for filmmakers

The Grantmakers in Film and Electronic Media (GFEM) have launched
a database designed to help match filmmakers and funders. The GFEM
Media Database serves as a hub where funders of all kinds can find
a rich array of media-related projects that fit their funding priorities.
Check it out:

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Social Justice Film Festival

The purpose of the Social Justice Film Festival is to highlight film and video work being done to institute change around the world. We feel the purpose of the social justice movement is to promote a global culture where equality is achieved on all levels; this includes issues pertaining to incarceration, the environment and sustainability, oppression, race and racism, the arts, animal rights, alternative currency and lifestyles,… Continue

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Challenge returns to Hot Documentary's in 2009!, and other News

Filmmakers meeting at the El Rey 01/2008, held by Ann Lerner with the Albuquerque Film office. I'm in the the black and white flannel, just to the right of Ann and Anton.

It's my hope to build relationships with all of the filmmaking world that's starting too really develop on the web. Not that it hasn't been developing for a while, but think this next couple of years will be a… Continue

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Follow up on Time Warner Cable and Viacoms battle

Broadband Era Sparks Cable/Content Conflicts

by Wendy Davis,

Time Warner Cable and Viacom may have reached a tentative agreement this week but, in the long run, battles between network operators and content companies are bound to intensify as content migrates online.

Viacom channels including MTV, VH1 and Nickelodeon came within hours of going dark on… Continue

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Studio's are now providing it on demand via the Internet

Here is another great story from slashdot, you know as I gather the these stories, I hope you the content creator is seeing a picture forming here that would suggest that the old Hollywood model of distribution is breaking down.

EdIII writes

"The dispute between Time Warner and Viacom over fees seems to be without any resolution this year. Time Warner faces the possibility of being without content for almost… Continue

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The future of distribution is here

Video blogs, vodcasts, YouTube -- in many ways it seems that independent filmmakers have taken the internet by force. But what about independent films picked up for distribution? In many cases, they are notably missing from the online arena. Companies like Zipporah Films, Women Make Movies and Davidson Films still stick with their tried-and-true model of charging a few hundred dollars per VHS and DVD and have yet to make a switch to online downloads.…


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Fans Of Film podcast event

“Midwest Media Now” has invited Fans Of Film for a podcast!

We’ll be talking about what we see in the future for content creation and the way it’s distributed to the world. Highlights will include indie film distribution, and the different ways for filmmakers to monetize and market themselves online ‘highlighting Twitter’ we’ll talk about on-demand video and how filmmakers can use it to ‘Go Green’

Stay tuned to our event postings for upcoming dates for podcast.

Here is a… Continue

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Send A Filmmaker To Sundance


Drum roll please…the prestigious programming team at the Sundance Film Festival has reviewed the many outstanding films submitted to this year's Project Direct short film competition and the results are in!

We were thrilled to see so many of you who competed in last year's contest return for more, and we were equally…

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My story is not unlike that of most independent filmmakers these days. We bust our butts for years producing — in our minds — a great film, only to find the distribution landscape radically different from the one in our hopes and dreams.

For a number of years now I had heard a variety of filmmaker pundits declare, “Theatrical is dead, long live the long tail!” But until my own distribution adventure I refused to believe these pronouncements. Now, 18 months after the world premiere of… Continue

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A Film Invented, Written, Cast, Voted For, Chosen and Created by You

Massify has created an online model that enables filmmakers, actors and even the audience to “connect, collaborate and get films made.” And now the community fueled site is preparing to release its first project, a horror movie titled “Perkins 14,” set to premiere at Horrorfest III, January 9-15.

The step-by-step process that saw the film through from pitch to production began with a contest… Continue

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Here’s a bolt of good news for filmmakers and media arts groups

Pamela Harris and GFEM link funders with filmmakers

View source

By Michael Fox

Here’s a bolt of good news for filmmakers and media arts groups reeling from the spiraling economic reports. This month, Grantmakers in Film + Electronic Media ( launched the GFEM Media Database. This key component of the membership organization’s Web site is designed to… Continue

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