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"Real Steel" Trailer 2011


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Distribution Press

Press Release

Fans Of Film, LLC with the website has signed a distribution contract with a local filmmaker "James Blackburn" for his 2009 release of "The 420 Movie" on IMDB

This is our 3rd release of a film on paid streaming video on-demand off the site as part of a community…


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Official… Continue

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WINTER'S BONE - Official US Theatrical Trailer

Winner of best picture SUNDANCE

Official Website…


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The Tourist Movie Trailer

Official… Continue

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'Howl' Trailer HD

Official… Continue

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Helping Filmmakers

Over the last year and 1/2 I have given countless hours helping independent filmmakers and producers share and promote their projects on the web... So far I've done this on a minimum budget of about $100 a month plus my time, my time as been afforded me by some small sponsor's and fixed income...

In my desire to give back and do something great with my life as a artist and aspiring filmmaker, I decided to give my efforts toward the promotion/aggregation of filmmakers and their… Continue

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FOF Press Release

"FansOfFilm.COM was created in 2008, for filmmakers and fans to connect

directly on the web, (Fans Of Film ™, LLC) will be the first Alternative

green video distribution company in Albuquerque, New Mexico. to start

releasing films on iphone and ipad app's...

"Fans Of Film, LLC" is a self endorsed green distributor as the creator of

"The Green Seal Of Approval For Digital Distribution"... "TGSADD" sports a… Continue

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A special thanks to two filmmakers

First thank you to all the filmmakers/members on Fans Of Film in participating in this mad social media experiment, and a special thanks to filmmakers Carey Corr and John Paul Rice for trusting me with their films for a distribution experiment... Giving the non exclusiveness of our agreement, and the fact I'm not making them any money, I can only say thank you once more for the… Continue

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Filmmakers News

"Fans Of Film wants to recognize the launch of!"...A site where filmmakers and fans can work together in bringing an independent film to a theater near you, if you don't know about you should....follow them on twitter @OpenIndie

Reminder of the launch of our new site for FOF filmmakers to go one step further with their alt distribution, the FOFC is (… Continue

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Filmmakers Working together

Working together is the only way indie film labels are going to make money in this fast growing market, and getting filmmakers to work together is like pulling teeth, but we've still manage to build a

community of filmmakers on a ning site, called Fans Of


With a couple dozen local filmmakers from here in Albuq New Mexico and a few hundred filmmakers from all around the world we just keep growing, call me crazy but ning is part of a large…


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Big change for FOF

Some of you may have noticed that the film tab goes to the featured videos/shorts, trailers and now we have a channel tab that takes you to "The Fans Of Film Channel" ....becoming a true network and distribution portal.... will remain a free and open film community for filmmakers and the crew and fans that follow

It has been my hope and dream to… Continue

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A new breed of filmmaker

A new breed of filmmaker is a filmmaker that is distributing their own films, a few of those filmmakers are on

Some of you have figured out that I'm a one-man show "call me crazy" but as a 20-year artist and aspiring filmmaker I've decided to produce stuff with my own money (the hang up is) I don't have any money. So I've decided to do the opposite of what most filmmakers/producers are doing, and thats first working on distributing other filmmaker’s… Continue

Added by Fans Of Film™ on January 31, 2010 at 2:30pm — 1 Comment

Fans Of Film and filmmaker team up to help Haiti

Fans Of Film and filmmaker Carey Corr from the film "A New Tomorrow" have teamed up for experimental distribution model on the web, and to help Haiti

Also for the fun of it you can enjoy a short EDU DOC (subject: glass blowing title: Got Art) on our new HD like no buffering VOC player!!!

about the film:

A small town becomes a… Continue

Added by Fans Of Film™ on January 27, 2010 at 7:00pm — No Comments

Sundance Film Festival

EMO Films President and All Cities Media Group Founder Joel Eisenberg will be attending the Sundance Film Festival from 1/23-1/30. For any of my members and social media followers, Joel has agreed to meet with any film professional, exhibitor or otherwise interested in discussing Carey Corr's acclaimed indie feature, "A New Tomorrow," in an effort to spread the word about this unique film. (DM me for Joel's phone#)

Fans Of Film is proud to be attaching itself to this film "… Continue

Added by Fans Of Film™ on January 20, 2010 at 5:21pm — 1 Comment

Entrepreneurial Film Distribution

This is a message to all filmmakers, teachers, business's and digital distributors that think like Entrepreneurs.

I'm going to show you how to create multiple streams of income using products and services your already using or could be using.

It's really simple, lots of us are using websites and video, and many more are coming. You can make money by providing these needed services to the growing market, using… Continue

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FOF and the film community on Twitter is making independence happen

It's been long journey but as we celebrate one year since the creation of and the day I started Tweeting about FOF and indie film labels, I find myself in a position of actually helping and making independence happen. As we reach an on site membership of 400 plus and a growing handful of indie film labels including almost a dozen webshows (all listed for our browsing convenience), and with almost 7000 followers and a large portion of them being filmmakers, film critics, film… Continue

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Debut film review

Fans Of Film is proud to introduce the official FOF film review team and their debut film review of

"One Hour Fantasy Girl" A featured film on FOF

Coming soon to FOF's film forum reviews via Fans Of Film YouTube Channel for our video… Continue

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Somers Town Movie Review

Somers Town (2008) is fresh and lighthearted coming of age story that has real-life charm and drama. It is serious yet fun look at growing up. The people you meet and the situations you get into, as well as your dreams, truly shape who you are. Being filmed in black and white gives it a clean feel that enables you to focus on the events and characters without distraction. The original music by Gaven Clark is refreshing and perfectly fits the...… Continue

Added by Dain Binder on September 12, 2009 at 4:51pm — No Comments

A filmmakers announcement

Thank you for your continued support together we're making a deference for independent filmmakers and labeling on a global level. The membership on Fans Of Film has grown to the point of making it tough to keep up with every filmmaker and their films, so we need your help to keep us informed of films webshows being released so we can make sure your film or webshow gets listed and updated as we do it manually for quality control and so we do get to know the films being listed.

We are… Continue

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