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Dear Filmmakers

Many thanks to those that submitted films this years to the 2nd annual
Fans Of Film Festival for Social and Environmental Change at

I would like to invite you to submit your film to the "1st Annual New Mexico International Film Festival"

FOF member, festival creator and filmmaker for "A Lonely Place For
Dying" and recently featured in "Filmmakers Mag" Justin Eugene Evans at is building great
support, and a great advisory board such as our fav Sheri Candler at, myself at and few others. Also get
involved with Kickstarter campaign at

PS just posted two videos! 1st is a work in progress of a animated Fans
Of Film video logo that you can see on the home page

The 2nd is a video on how to sign up to Maxcast for your own Paypal
video on-demand platform for monetizing your film with your own PPV

Very exciting to release our iphone | ipad movie app for freeee at
special thanks to filmmaker Carey Corr and app developers at

One more special thanks to filmmaker for giving Fans Of Film, LLC
the one year exclusive distribution rights to her film "Why Get Married"
from the web at

These are just some of the things Fans Of Film is doing to monetize and
support the site, along with doing our part to change the rules of
distribution in fav of the independent filmmaker...

On Twitter @FansOfFilm

I welcome involvement, films for distribution and reviews



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