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Massify has created an online model that enables filmmakers, actors and even the audience to “connect, collaborate and get films made.” And now the community fueled site is preparing to release its first project, a horror movie titled “Perkins 14,” set to premiere at Horrorfest III, January 9-15.

The step-by-step process that saw the film through from pitch to production began with a contest inviting participants to submit their ideas to the community for consideration. Once the public had voted on their favorite of the 400 pitches received, the democratic creation was underway. From there on out, many of the film’s important decisions, from who to invite to the casting call and what the movie posters should look like were determined in much the same way.

Though we can’t speak to the quality of the end result, this fledging effort represents a transformation of the traditional paradigm that sees our entertainment being foisted on us from above. At the very least, this grassroots notion of film creation and consumption should get some in Hollywood and elsewhere to rethink the conventional ways that movies and other media are developed today. In the meantime, the select audience involved in the making of this film has something to get excited about, watching aspects of what they’ve chosen to see come to life on the big screen. And that is certainly well worth the price of admission.

For our steel-nerved readers who aren’t afraid of a few screams and a rapid succession of jump cuts, the trailer is viewable below: View source

Link to youtube

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