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A message to all members of Fans Of Film

A message to all members of Fans Of Film

FOF keeps growing and I find myself working harder everyday, aggregating what I believe is the perfect alternative to 4 wall distribution. Even though this model still takes a lot of work on the part of the filmmaker in building a fan base, but FOF/myself is one of the few and one of the first to step up and provide a know cost social co-op distribution platform, with one of the coolest custom film list/profiles. FOF is putting filmmakers first, and I want filmmakers to think of me as that friend that's willing to hit the streets with your film poster and flyer's without pay, knowing that I'll I may get is a big hug and a thank you, because I believe in you.

For those New Mexico members I hope to see you at the screening of "TITUS" time April 26th! 2pm at Harwood Basement Theater. It's only 5 bucks, it's the Bard's birthday, it's a benefit for Friends of Film and the Harwood Art Center, a networking event,and I guarantee you that this is a cinematic experience you don't want to miss! Stay around for some discussion with folks in the film community. Get some culture in your life on Shakespeare's birthday!
See you there! more here

I've started creating groups such as a group for New Mexico members/filmmakers, Actors And Film, Music And Film.
These can be a great way for filmmakers to find musician, actors, and each other in a more networking way.

There are some great filmmakers on FOF that have taken the time to load their trailers, please take the time to view and even comment on some of this great work we have the privilege to view.



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