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A new breed of filmmaker is a filmmaker that is distributing their own films, a few of those filmmakers are on

Some of you have figured out that I'm a one-man show "call me crazy" but as a 20-year artist and aspiring filmmaker I've decided to produce stuff with my own money (the hang up is) I don't have any money. So I've decided to do the opposite of what most filmmakers/producers are doing, and thats first working on distributing other filmmaker’s films.

Realizing I didn't need to make films to distribute films so that I can make films, when in fact I could go strait to distributing films to make films, OK maybe I'm a little crazy "or a new breed of filmmaker" Ether way I believe it can be done, with your support, and your already doing lots! by just being a member on "Fans Of Film" and the many filmmakers and fans on Twitter, of which I believe we've gained bragging rights as we are one of the most followed film community's on Twitter by a few thousand.

Some of you know:) we are now distributing our first film on contract, for the beta stage of the, of which will become an off site, after the acceptance of 100 films.

I encourage all to show your support for Carey Corr"s film "A New Tomorrow" (sample the first 5 min of this film for free on a HD like no buffer...)...

A New Tomorrow is a fake political doc that had some controversy with some of the festival during submissions and didn't get noticed, so it's my opinion this is truly an over looked gem of a film, and even though it's being distributed non exclusively from Indieflix and Netflix, Carey reached out to us for further distribution. So it gives me a great honor to work with this controversial film, much like "Fans Of Film" for an experimental and beta stage of a green distribution plan:)

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Comment by Fans Of Film™ on February 17, 2010 at 11:07am
it's building for the storm of the century!




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