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First thank you to all the filmmakers/members on Fans Of Film in participating in this mad social media experiment, and a special thanks to filmmakers Carey Corr and John Paul Rice for trusting me with their films for a distribution experiment... Giving the non exclusiveness of our agreement, and the fact I'm not making them any money, I can only say thank you once more for the opportunity and loyalty being given...

OK I was wrong there is another filmmaker that I wanna mention and thats Ron A. Williams
(FOF profile Ron is the second filmmaker to be on FOFC under the full DIY premium membership model, with his new release of a full feature film "The Cross Over" visit FOF profile for the trailer or FOFC... I was only able to give the film a 3 out of 5 star rating because of production and sound quality, but the film has a great sound track and a lot of heart in the story... Ron is a true indie filmmaker as a producer and self distributor, Ron is only asking $2 to stream the film on Maxcast the HD no buffering video from the Move platform, if you watch streaming video on the FOX or Oprah site then you have already downloaded the encoder to stream video from the Move platform... Learn more about Maxcast (now available in most country's

This is as much a brave new world in distribution for me as for you, and I'm very happy and proud to be a part of all as we brave this new world together...

Things continue to change at Fans Of Film and I'm excited to announce this latest development for us and our filmmakers with the current development of the Fans Of Film iphone app Sponsored by Stone Henge Productions... SHP offers personal iphone apps for filmmakers and their films for $650.00 and with the mention of Fans Of Film you can have your own film app for $525.00 that's a $125.00 savings, pretty cool!...

Our first iphone app will come with our featured downloaded film "A New Tomorrow" for ($4.99) our plan is to have a app created for every film that Fans Of Film signs a non exclusive split rights contract, and is excepted for the Fans Of Film Channel site...

For those that haven't seen the new site please take a gander at would love some feedback

There is a 5 min teaser of "A New Tomorrow" on the FOF home page for those that don't want to reg to FOFC...

Again thank you all for being a part of this mad experiment, and believe me when I say there is more cool things to come for all of us!!!


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