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Some of the small but cool things we're doing at Fans Of Film Cinema Cafe & Coffee Roaster. Hosting local film groups in the afternoon such as  Friday Filmmakers Coffee and Coffee casting group. Also running a cool indie film contest, Links on website Producing an episodic that we just put up a Facebook page at Rise Of The Java Zombie, handful of of local talent already involved.

We have big dreams of moving into a bigger cinema cafe space, and host even more film events. We've created a number of ways for you to support and get something great in return, starting with great films for PPV rent or purchase. We also have very cool Fans Of Film T-shirts printed locally, we also have and amazing coffee we roast ourselves. Try our HouseBlend now available online at or at the cafe 504 Yale se..Fans Of Film is Community Film in Action, and we need your help to create more Jobs and projects. So please go to the website and become a member and get a cafe membership for 10%discount at cafe, get a t-shirt, rent a film, buy some coffee and spread the word to others.

From all of us at Fans Of Film thank you for supporting.

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