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Over the last couple of years we've played around with having a genre list of films on our pages ranging from a couple of community released feature films, films from the web and short films loaded to the site, not really a very effective way to list and have access to films, so we've come up with a possible solution that will help get our films and webshows seen by more ppl.


Some of you may have noticed a new limited genre list on the home page, some of these links are now active channels on we've even included a channel for webshows.


Fans Of Film will be loading non exclusive and exclusive films and full season webshows from filmmakers and webshow producers that would like to be part of our open film programing and official film listings on Fans Of Film, for a 50/50 share from adddds and mobile downloads. Here is our 1st examples and films now available


No guarantees that your film or webshow will be approved for our programing list, and if accepted there is No guarantee that this will be profitable, but it will be another step in getting your film out there and accepted into to larger markets. We do plan to use all resource to share these channels on Twitter @FansOfFilm which has grown to 14,400 followers


Note: Fans Of Film is producing it's own content for these channels on that includes a Fans Of Film Variety Show, full interviews with filmmakers, short films and feature films. We believe in the Youtube community concept of piggybacking with other channel for sharing, subscribing and getting your content out there and seen, so think of this as piggybacking your content onto another network, much like a TV network for exposure.

Learn more and contact us if your interested in being apart of our ...



The Fans Of Film Team

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