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"Fans Of Film wants to recognize the launch of!"...A site where filmmakers and fans can work together in bringing an independent film to a theater near you, if you don't know about you should....follow them on twitter @OpenIndie

Reminder of the launch of our new site for FOF filmmakers to go one step further with their alt distribution, the FOFC is (a wordpress theme inspired by HULU) where filmmakers have real options for their web distribution on a beautiful site. Starting with our 100% for the filmmaker model, and our support of other independent VOD services such as Youtube... We also have the adopt a film function on the site where your VOD link could go viral, these are some of the cool things going on at FOF to compliment and expand the online distribution needs of indie filmmakers self distributing(:

Note: Our distribution models, marketing plans, contract download can all be found on our distribution page on FOFC here please click on the Twitter RT button and share it with others if you like our ideas...

PS I shouldn't need to remind you guys about some of the great filmmakers and videos/trailers, shorts and websows that we have on the site, just check it out for yourself...



Bringing production and distribution together like never before

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