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Working together is the only way indie film labels are going to make money in this fast growing market, and getting filmmakers to work together is like pulling teeth, but we've still manage to build a
community of filmmakers on a ning site, called Fans Of

With a couple dozen local filmmakers from here in Albuq New Mexico and a few hundred filmmakers from all around the world we just keep growing, call me crazy but ning is part of a large community network of
over 40 million community’s with the opportunity to be featured among
those community’s could give us a wonderful fan base for FOF filmmakers.

I personally "Michael Palombo creator of" have spent 3 years working with Dan from in providing tools, mostly web design and a VOD services that could revolutionize the independent VOD market, and also telling producers something that David A. Stewart from Eurythmics was telling
producer back in 1995, they could have their own internet channels! In
fact David created an early version of YouTube called the Slyfi
channel, to say the least the world was not ready for the Slyfi channel.

Three years ago filmmakers were not ready for a DIY PPV VOD distribution site called The Filmmakers Channel that put 100% of the profits in the filmmakers pocket, the site was shut down after only
being up for a year.

At this point I got involved with Twitter and spent the next year twittering and discovered a resource that still most people have yet to understand. I believe I do understand the power
of Twitter in connecting with filmmakers and fans and connecting fans
with filmmakers, in a way that I could not pay for.

As I get close to 10,000 followers on Twitter it gives me great pride to launch a new distribution site It’s a HULU inspired wordpress theme reg with for a clean presentation easy navigation and a built in adopt a film function for viral marketing.

I’m not interested in becoming another film site with thousands of titles, I am interested in attaching myself to a limited amount of independent film labels of my chosen that I believe in, to distribute
to my local and social media fan base on my own boutique theater film
site, for which I’ve worked very hard for so filmmakers don’t have to.

We have a working film site with real options for distribution, including a DIY model that puts 100% of the profits in the filmmakers pocket, and I invite anybody to pop holes in what we have to offer so
that we can improve.

I’m also not trying to be the theatrical release for filmmakers even though I see a day it could happen as we do have our own film festival and the growing popularity could warrant an exclusive theatrical releases in the future. But we do wanna be part of the forward motion
of promoting and distributing indie labels online and here in our own
backyard/ Albuquerque, New Mexico as a non exclusive distribution

I don’t think that we need to compete with each other, I believe we can grow upon each other by lifting each other up in what we uniquely have to offer and by doing so we will lift the filmmakers we support as
they start to distribute over multiple platforms(:

PS In my opinion the independent PPV VOD market is week, this is why all eyes and support should be on @FilmEster and her film “Butterflies” as she makes movie history with her exclusive PPV VOD distribution on YouTube and the first filmmaker to be on as a premium member for the 100% DIY model using her own PPV services. Please support independent film labels and distribution
follow me on Twitter @FansOfFilm

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