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It's been long journey but as we celebrate one year since the creation of and the day I started Tweeting about FOF and indie film labels, I find myself in a position of actually helping and making independence happen. As we reach an on site membership of 400 plus and a growing handful of indie film labels including almost a dozen webshows (all listed for our browsing convenience), and with almost 7000 followers and a large portion of them being filmmakers, film critics, film company's, actors on Twitter. I feel we're part of a young film community that's changing the state of filmmaking and distribution through out the world.

As you can see the online support has grown, but better yet local support has grown with our sponsored listing coming out in our local and popular paper called "The Weekly Alibi", and I've always believed that's where the support needs to start is on a local grass roots level reaching the film fans right here in New Mexico. Don't get me wrong, I want to reach the world but starting at the starting line is always the best place to start a race "It makes finishing the race legit" My point is, starting where I live and connecting my friends, family, fellow filmmakers and native film fans with all that I'm connecting with, seems more doable than trying to connect filmmakers with the world all together at once.

In a way Fans Of Film is doing what theaters and filmmakers have been doing for years, it's just doing it on the web, and going a couple of steps further. Our own in-house film reviews from two very cool people. Another really cool thing that I think set us apart from other sites distributing film for indie labels, is we're all about connecting the filmmakers with the fans so they can grow together.

So there is no public gathering and limited seating but we do offer the comfort of your own couch. This way neither the filmmakers or the fans need not risk their lives to go to a show their not sure of, O yea we don't have limited wall space for film poster and film listings;, but we've got unlimited space for film poster/listings. Working together with filmmakers we can pre-market a film locally and premier the film using some of the highest quality PPV VOD on the web right here on FOF/web or off the filmmakers website with no limited seating and lots of couches out there. A filmmaker can be on the other side of the planet without anybody leaving the comfort of their home. "Very green and very safe" the success of these paid online premiers, could determine it's worth in a filmmaker traveling here to our fine state of New Mexico for a public screening in one of our fine theaters.

The old way of four wall distribution was for a filmmaker to go to a town, he or she may never have traveled to, making friends with the natives and convincing them their film is the shit.

The new way is building fans online in the town you want to show your film in and with some careful planing, enough RSVP's, it might be worth traveling to screen your film. Really this is just one way, old way, new way, both work. Either way it's a lot of work and it's my desire to be the premier online source for pre-screening filmmakers wanting to come to New Mexico, and show their films with an awaiting audience ready to buy limited signed editions of filmmakers DVD's. So lets work together and start planing your film future and building a fan base right here in New Mexico and world wide on!!!

Fans Of Film is in need of employing staff and paid for promotions please support the future of independent film labels/distribution donate here

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