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"FansOfFilm.COM was created in 2008, for filmmakers and fans to connect
directly on the web, (Fans Of Film ™, LLC) will be the first Alternative
green video distribution company in Albuquerque, New Mexico. to start
releasing films on iphone and ipad app's...

"Fans Of Film, LLC" is a self endorsed green distributor as the creator of
"The Green Seal Of Approval For Digital Distribution"... "TGSADD" sports a beautiful
logo that filmmaker/distributors can endorse on their own website in
support of there own green distribution, look for the green group on

"Fans Of Film" has become one of the most followed film community's
on Twitter with a following of over 10,000
@FansOfFilm... "Fans Of Film, LLC" is very proud to have gained rights
to it's first handful of films and has started it's first film release
of "A New Tomorrow" now available on via DVD, pay per view video on-demand
and coming soon to an iphone and Ipad near you, there will also be a
screening at the Albuquerque Guild June 1st at 7:30pm RSVP on Face Book

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