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FOF Review "The WaterHole, Happy Hour Is Over"

"This is going to sound crazy but some how I fill reborn with this film"

I dropped out of main stream media about ten years ago after being a slave to the one eyed monster for my entire growing up life and my adult life, once I realized that if I waited long enough, I could download entire seasons of TV shows and shovel what I wanted into my brain. On top of that people were talking enough about what was on TV and what was good and not good, it seemed like an easy choice to throw out the TV. Besides most of it felt like reruns of reruns, it seemed the occasional Hollywood film was all I was left with, and that's about all the media I've been exposed to over this last decade, so I fill kinda of erased in the brain of content, like I have a new brain for movies and shows.

Over this last couple of years I've started to expose myself to the indie world and indie films in big way from my own productions, to distribution of film that belong to other filmmakers, even started a film festivals, I will say my life has been consumed with the possibilities and future of independent film.

There is has been a few films that have come my way in this time that stood out with with the way the filmmakers put their films online and the reviews that followed, to just name a few "Ink" "One Hour Fantasy" "Butterflies" "Chiaroscuro, Baby"

I'm very happy to include "The WaterHole, Happy Hour Is Over" in my fav independent films as a refreshing coming of age film, a pure reflection of my own life, all our lives as this film shows the true challenge of relationship, social change and dependency among four friends as they come to grips with the challenges of life. The film goes further with it's production quality and a very talented cast that jerked some very watery tears from me. thanks guy's great film! (-:

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