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By Michael Palombo Owner and founder at Fans Of Film.

It's very exciting times for Fans Of Film as we evolve from brand to product in our next big feature.

Let me start out by saying we've come a long way from just being a social network, and opening a cinema coffee cafe was the biggest and best thing we could've done for Fans Of Film as a brand.

Right now we're setting the stage for roasting our own coffee, and this means retail products. Some of these retail products will include bags of whole bean coffee. coffee beverages, with our own label that's branded "Cinema Coffee Blends from Fans Of Film".. Need I say more? I could say that we will be offering marketing space on our products to film company's only.. Just think about your movie poster on a coffee bag or coffee beverage, in stores everywhere..

Thank you for your contribution in helping us at a grass roots level, bring more film culture to the world.

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