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Over the last year and 1/2 I have given countless hours helping independent filmmakers and producers share and promote their projects on the web... So far I've done this on a minimum budget of about $100 a month plus my time, my time as been afforded me by some small sponsor's and fixed income...

In my desire to give back and do something great with my life as a artist and aspiring filmmaker, I decided to give my efforts toward the promotion/aggregation of filmmakers and their projects on the web and I founded some great things such as the "Fans Of Film Festival For Social and Environmental Change" (now going on it's 2nd year) also founded "The Green Seal Of Approval For Digital Distribution"

Recently I even pledged $10 to 3 deferent project on for a total of $30 see projects @ I can't tell you how good it feels to give, and I believe I can give more...

In my opinion @fansoffilm as been very successful in helping aggregate the popularity of films on Twitter, Fans Of Film was even mention on "Micro Filmmaker Mag" in the marketing of

@fansoffilm wants to keep kicking ass for the indie film community on Twitter and it's own social media indie film distribution networks, by aggregating filmmakers and their distribution platforms of choice such as netflix, amazon, apple as filmmakers start to support multiple platforms with their films...

But we really need your help.

A little funding and support would be very helpful as I go over a year of Tweeting for the indie filmmakers as a full time job and as you know grass roots movements have know money, so I'm doing this on a very minimum budget with know real profits coming in, and need support so @FansOfFilm can continue to work hard to develop FOF and aggregate independent films and filmmakers on Twitter @FansOfFilm and on know matter where their film might be... is on a @ning community platform and would be nice to build a custom site for that does everything that I dream a website can do for filmmakers and the self distribution of their films...

OK here comes the really exciting part!!! I'm going to start filming my journey as FOF releases and screens it's first film for a filmmaker!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you would like to help me further make movie history, by making a pledge it would be a small step for indie film but a giant step for "Fans Of Film"/ and it's not going to take much and I made it easy in two ways with amazon easy payment on indiegogo @
or paypal direct @
if you would like to make your pledge an investment in the future of
"Fans Of Film, LLC" email me direct at

Also follow our 2nd annual "Fans Of Film Fest" for social and environmental change @ and on Twitter @FansOfFilmFest

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