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Some have already used the term we're seeing a shift from the PonyExpress to the Telegraph, but I think it's happening faster than we think. Beyond the many great indie film distribution sites on Twitter, such as @Indieflix, @fhta our very own @fansoffilm just to mention a few. We also have great film forums film festivals, filmmakers, directors, actors O my gosh the world of film is growing on twitter and connecting film & fans like never before at a faster pace everyday LOL.

With so many options such as createaspace/amazon netflix and many more, filmmakers now have a way to list and distribute their films like never before but are still left with marketing their own films. I believe getting the word out on a film has been difficult for independent filmmakers trying to DIY. In my opinion Twitter is changing that with an example: in the past it would take weeks for the word to get out on a film (good or bad) but Twitter is breaking it down into days, and just when I think it's getting good it gets better for filmmakers and fans to get the word out and connect,

Maybe I'm blowing smoke but something came across my Twitter deck that took me a minute, but I soon realized this was the most unselfish and brilliant idea that has come across our deck, from Twitter follower @MentalEclectic. The idea is a way to engage filmmakers and fans on Twitter, and In my opinion #indiemoviemonday will engage and connect not just twitters but films and fans. It will give us a way to pass the indie films, indie filmmakers, indie film sites we like, by posting #indiemoviemonday and a link that follows that site or film profile, therefore aggregating each other just like #FollowFriday except we're aggregating indie films and indie filmmaker.

Thank you for your participation

Here is the post from the creator of #indiemoviemonday

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Comment by Fans Of Film™ on October 1, 2009 at 9:04pm
Thanks for these post so far see you on Monday(^;
Comment by Fans Of Film™ on September 2, 2009 at 3:15pm
Yes! no matter weather it's a download, DVD, stream, connecting the independent film you love, with your friends should be in your face easy and right there direct to the subject the film. Know matter where the film is or where it's being distributed from, It's my opinion the more reputable the source of witch your getting your film review and delivery will have some bearing on the final delivery and public acceptance. It's also my opinion #indiemoviemonday will weed out the good and bad sources on Twitter giving a rise to more reliable and reputable sources of content. Really there are many possibilities and directions this could go, and I'm just happy to be here and watch it happen(-:!




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