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The Lady Assassin (My Nhan Ke) 2013 Review

The Lady Assassin (My Nhan Ke) 2013 Review

Vietnamese films aren’t exactly easy to come by on our shores, especially martial arts movies filmed in 3D.The Lady Assassin is a feisty action adventure that makes the most of cutting edge technology, stunning locations and beautiful girls. Make no mistake about it, the female cast members of The Lady Assassin are absolutely stunning. So much so, it’s easy to forgive the films textbook plotting and overambitious set pieces.

Deadly women w

ith dark secrets, evil outlaws, corrupt officials and group bathing sessions are the order of the day here. Nothing too gratuitous, that might upset the Vietnamese sensors, but there’s more than enough titillation for those of us growing tired of wire-assisted wonderment. The Lady Assassin is one of the biggest box office hits in Vietnamese history, and as long as you keep your expectations down to a minimum, there’s plenty for western audiences to get a grips of too.

Set in and around a traveller’s tavern, The Lady Assassin tells the tale of a beautiful seductress and her team of lethal waitresses, who routinely slaughter the corrupt (and not so corrupt) government officials and businessmen who come their way. Before honing their skills in a game of volleyball and washing each other down in a pool overlooking the sea. I may have mentioned that part already.

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