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The Last Push (2012) – A Sci-Fi Mockumentary

Astronaut: The Last Push (2013) is a vivid, picturesque display of an inevitable and impending mission in the future. Director Eric Hayden projects a time when we’ll eventually discover water on other planets and that humanity will be compelled to move towards it. At the very core, humans are a curious species, willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of knowledge, even if it means discovering something beyond our capacity to understand.

The DailyMail reported in 2012 that we’ve discovered ”huge quantities of water vapour have been detected on a ‘super-Earth’ 40 light years away – even more water than exists here.” We’ve been on the hunt for extraterrestrial liquid water for a very long time and we haven’t found the right one, but maybe this one that the DailyMail reported, GJ1214b, may actually be it. Although astronomers predict that it’s a large waterworld, maybe we won’t know until we see for it ourselves.

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