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It's really time for filmmakers to think outside the box office and join the piggyback effect of self distribution on smaller networks without giving up their rights and being at the bottom of the pile of 75,000+ indie titles on netflix.
  Questions???? would you rather be on netflix at the bottom of the pile? would you rather be on a small network building it's own fan base and network together? would you rather just distribute off your own site? The answer should be all of the above for the possibility of multi-streams of income, and a more sustainable film community.


One mans attempt to make some good films available that aren't finding main stream distribution to the the fans online, yes you heard right one man, much like the one man start of IMDB.. Hi my name is Michael Palombo and I'm a 43 year old artist/filmmaker. I run this site for about $60 a month, including internet, I don't currently make any $ off this site, but it's members is enough to keep my love for this site, and the growing indie film community online.

I'm also aggregating to 14,500 film followers with 1500+ filmmakers listed on Twitter and was sent a letter from that @fansoffilm was listed in the top 20 movie experts on Twitter. As an idea to the potential with a little focus campaigning can do, I've been able to generate real click results such as our current indiegogo campaign that as so far generated 1000 clicks from a single link and 8000 views for the campaign page. On a local note the award winning Weekly Alibi a local paper here in Albuquerque and continues to support Fans Of Film in the online film times section with the famous Devin D. O’Leary film reviews see the pic of our AD below

  My overhead is really nothing but my own time invested, When I discovered what was really offering it hit me! I could distribute films on my own just like the big networks are using to distribute their content, and my distribution channels for just $10 a month unlimited file uploads, WOW! BrightCove wants $99 a month with no access to their potential ad revenue and limited content management and uploads, Openfilm does it free. LOOK OUT NETWORK TV HERE COME FANSOFFILM.TV (-:

So I start thinking the failure to a lot of the distribution platform/websites out there has been overhead, I mean look at sites like Bside shutdown early 2010, which is now and WOW the recent shutdown of NeoFlix and there have been many others. 


How hard can it be for a filmmaker to give me their film or films and I/we load it to one of our Open Film channels.  


A little look at just some of the Twitter followings from other film aggregates on Twitter, such as @sl8d with 1,742, 0 filmmakers listed on Twitter, @indieflix 2,640, 12 filmmakers listed, @Snagfilms 4,690, 0 filmmakers listed,  @Hulu 46,234, 0 filmmakers listed, @lionsgatemovies 47,016, 0 filmmakers listed, @netflix 47,565, 0 filmmakers listed on Twitter. So where does this put @fansoffilm in this new exploding social media market place Twitter? Is @FansOfFilm a social media power house waiting for producers to jump on board with, and use as a new television network for their content? Should we even be doing this? 

I believe and respect the Youtube community concept of piggybacking with other channel for sharing, subscribing and getting your content out there and seen, so think of this as piggybacking your content onto another network/channel much like a TV network for exposure and possible revenues.


Fans Of Film is now loading in-house content (see video below) and content Fans Of Film, LLC can gain limited rights or not, from filmmakers and webshow producers, that I think fits one of our channels. pays out 50/50 on their ad revenue and I will 50/50 share with you. Here is our 1st examples and films now available on we've even included a channel for full season webshows. Now I 'm only willing to load as many films that I can Tweet about, making the process of building some good content on these channel may take a little time so the exposure for the first films in could be good or it could be the later films. Ether way it could be a journey worth taking with me as I approach film distribution from a low budget low maintenance social media experience on fansofilm @Twitter Fans OF Film @Facebook Fans Of Film @YouTube and Fans Of film @OpenFilm  And did you know has an easy way to track revenue and stats for each video, so paying out accurate revenues should be easy, seems like a perfectly absurd thing to do, which makes me think it's the perfect thing to(-: O Yea! points to the Fans Of Film channels.



No guarantees that your film or webshow will be approved for our programing list, and if accepted there is No guarantee that this will be profitable, but it will be another step in getting your film or webshow out there and accepted into to larger markets.

Learn more and contact us if your interested


Lets take this one step further and promote our films and other films on our own film show, for this I have a team willing to work for free, check them out below(-:

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