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Update on projects and the up coming 2015 NM FILM & MEDIA CONFERENCE

First today was cool being open at Fans Of Film Cinema Cafe & Coffee Roaster! Now open 7 days a week to supply the Java Zombies we've created. Speaking of Zombies, Me and Mattie were able to get back to work on a final cut for Rise Of The Java Zombie and hope to load soon.. Financing is tight on everything as I move "Rise Java Zombie" into stores as a coffee product. After labeling, barcode, nutrition label and more we have SUCCESS! 4 locations just like that. One will be the Co-Op in Nob Hill.

So about the NM FILM & MEDIA CONFERENCE. It's my goal to network with film industry professionals that would be interested in first helping us grow the network with content, product advertizing and placement in video. For example our coffee products are starting to reach a broad base of customers and we wanna share in that reach by offering advertising space to film only companies that wanna reach our fans by paying/sponsoring for our labeled packaging. What a great way to reach movie fans and support local business that supports local film companies. If this is not a sustainable idea, somebody please come kick me in the head(--: Good films come from good coffee. Now available by the six pack and by the keg Rise Java Zombie Cold Brewed Coffee

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